Sunday, 29 July 2012

Time for a photo contest!

Yay! My first photo contest! I'll try to do at least one each month. This month's subject is "birds". I personally love taking pictures of birds. So it will be hard not entering the contest myself. But, here's an example of what I'm expecting from you.

                                                      Osprey - Marco Island, Florida

                                If you win, I will advertise your blog on both of my blogs.
                                To enter, post a comment below with a link to your flickr account or a blog post 
                                with the picture in it.

                                          1. In the comment, please include your name and the link
                                          2. Yes, you can edit your photo
                                          3. One entry per person
                                          4. Please put a link to this contest on your blog. So that others can join!
                                          5. all entries must be put in by 12:00 pm, on August 31, 2012
Have fun with it!



  1. Aw! I wish I could enter! but my camera is broken!! :'( Thats a really cool idea though! Will you do another one later? :) maybe I will be able to enter before it ends!

    1. That's too bad....I will try to do a photo competition every month. That is, if anybody ever enters :o(